AAA School Safety Patrol™

Equipment Order Form

Please complete the following information to order Patroller equipment via AAA School Safety Patrol, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. We will send confirmation of your order shortly after submission.

It is advised that all items are ordered prior to the beginning of the school year to allow time for shipping. Please order for your number of Patrollers only. It is not necessary to order extra items. All equipment will be turned into the school at the end of the school year except the caps and pins, which can be kept by the Patrollers. Please refer to the the AAA School Safety Patrol Platoon Profile for guidance on how to structure your patrol squad and how many equipment items your squad will need. If you have questions, please contact


Required Equipment

  • Badges

    Official silver-tone badges distinguish the varying level in your patrol hierarchy with labeled titles color accents. These badges can be placed directly on the safety patrol belt. Issued to each student patroller and turned in at the end of the year to be reused (if their condition is acceptable). 2 1/4” x 2 1/4”

  • Patrol Belt

    Highly visible fluorescent yellow-green belt bears the AAA logo on the front buckle and is imprinted with the AAA Safety Patrol on the back. Made of easy-to-clean durable polyester. Issued to each student patroller and turned in at the end of the year to be reused.

    • Patrol Cap

      Florescent yellow-green washable baseball-style cap adjusts to fit all sizes of children. Imprinted with AAA School Safety Patrol badge on front. Issued to each student patroller and can be kept at the end of their patrol service. Caps should never be shared for health and sanitary reasons.

Additional Equipment

The following patrol equipment is issued to each student patroller. Schools may use this form to order to receive equipment to outfit the number of Patrollers you have registered for the year.

  • Safty patrol badges

    Application Membership Card

    Upper portion is an application card that lists the duties of a AAA School Safety patroller and provides space for student and parent signatures. The bottom portion is a perforated wallet-size membership card with room for students name, school name, year and safety patrol advisor signature.

  • Captain's Record Book

    Book contains enough pages to record daily and monthly performance for an 11 month school year. Contains space for information up to 29 patrol members.

  • Flag (4 Max)

    Fluorescent yellow-green vinyl flag has the international crosswalk symbol on both sides and the AAA logo imprinted on one side only. All imprints are black. Flag can be attached to a 5/8” dowel rod (not provided). 16” Lx 15”W

  • Membership Handbook

    15 page instructional handbook contains illustrations and instructions on how to check for traffic; cross students; bus patrol operation along with “stranger danger” information and how to care for patrol equipment. Room for member’s name and patrol duty hours.

    • Poncho

      Highly visible fluorescent yellow-green poncho fits all sizes of children. Hood contains drawstring, Imprinted with the AAA logo and School Safety Patrol.

  • Safety Vests

    Bright florescent yellow-green vest is worn over clothes. It has the AAA logo imprinted in black on the back and is washable. Vest comes in two sizes – Youth Large and Adult Small. (Runs big) Safety belt can be worn over vest.

  • Miniature Award Pin

    This miniature, lapel-size version of the patrol member badge may be used as an end-of-the-year award.