Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the New School equipment kit and the Re-Enrolled School equipment kit?

If you are enrolling your school in the program for the first time, we will send you our “New School Kit” which includes Badges (Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Patroller of the Month), 1 Captain’s Record Book, Member Handbooks and Applications, Patrol Belts, Patrol Caps, Patrol Flags, Patrol Ponchos, Patrol Vests and Service Pins. This is everything you need to get your program up and running.

If your school is re-enrolling, you will receive the “Re-Enrolled School Kit” which only includes the Gold Badges, Member Handbooks and Applications, Patrol Caps and Safety Patrol Service Pins. We will send you these materials every year you re-enroll in the program.  Therefore, students are able to hold onto their hats and service pins as a thank you for their work.

**We ask that schools reuse their belts, vests, ponchos, flags and ranking badges, as these will not be resent each year**

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I am a Re-Enrolled School but I need new vests/belts/flags/ponchos. Can I still get those items?

We ask schools to hold on to these items year-after-year and reuse so that we are able to maintain our program and give all schools an opportunity to implement AAA School Safety Patrol. If your equipment is lost, broken, not equipped to keep students safe any longer, please take the following step:

  1. Submit a special order request via email to: your email, outline what equipment you need, how many patrollers are in your squad, and an explanation of why you are requesting new equipment. 

A School Safety Representative will be in touch with any questions.

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My school is already participating in AAA School Safety Patrol. Do I have to register my school again in order to receive equipment?

Yes, we ask that schools re-enroll by registering every year they would like to participate in the AAA School Safety Patrol program. If we see that your school has not yet re-enrolled for the school year, we are unable to process your equipment order. Please re-enroll your school here and then proceed to step 3 to order equipment.

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Why didn’t I get all the equipment I requested?

We are only able to send schools enough equipment for each patroller in the patrol squad. Please do not over-order equipment as we will be unable to process your request. If you have more students join the program, please email to update your patroller count or re-adjust your patroller count.

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How should I be using the equipment? I didn’t get enough officer badges.

Items such as the officer badges are intended to reward only those who go above and beyond with special tasks and are not meant to be given out to each student.  Please refer to the  Patrol Operations Manual for correct usage of the badges (page 23-26) and of other equipment items (page 27). In order to preserve the equipment for years to come, we want to ensure the proper utilization of each product.

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Why am I unable to download and open the resources or open the downloadable Lesson Plan?

Sometimes the files are unable to download due to the internet browser that you are using. Try updating your current web browser, or using a different web browser when downloading the files. If you are still having issues, please email with your school name, number of students you will be teaching the lesson plan to, and indicating whether or not you would like to receive the free teacher’s gift.

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