Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

In partnership with the Ruby Bridges Foundation

Save the Date: November 14, 2024

AAA is proud to be in partnership with the Ruby Bridges Foundation in support of the annual Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, scheduled this year for Thursday, November 14, 2024.

Step Toward Change

A class of AAA School Safety Patrollers from Martin Elementary School, South San Francisco, CA learned about the civil rights icon Ruby Bridges, and her brave walk to school as she became one of the first Black children to integrate an all-white school in New Orleans in 1960. With a simple question from one student – “Why isn’t there a day for Ruby?” – an idea was sparked.

These young leaders founded Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, with the vision of building a nationwide movement and starting a day of dialogue to make a difference. Since 2018, student leaders have organized an annual walk to school day every November. In 2021, AAA and the Ruby Bridges Foundation partnered to support the Walk to School Day. This year, AAA invites you to join the hundreds of thousands of students who walked for Ruby last year. This annual tradition is more than just a walk, it’s about inspiring students to find their passion and strength – one step at a time.

How to Join In

1. Register for the Event

The first step is to sign up your school or community group for Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. Please complete the registration form below.

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2. Request Free Materials

When you sign up, you can apply for a free equipment kit (while supplies last and will ship out closer to the event) and access downloadable guides to support your event and day of dialogue.

3. Apply for a Grant

AAA is proud to offer grants up to $1,000 to help kickstart your school's Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day.

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Our event made a positive impact as it brought together students, teachers, district office leaders, the school board, our families, and the greater community in honor of the day in history when Ruby Bridges proudly walked to school in spite of the challenges she faced.

Elementary Instructional Coach from Ruby Bridges Elementary, CA

We organized a walk with all grade levels. We had five student speakers to explain why we were participating and lead the Pledge of Allegiance. We then linked arms in groups of four and walked around our school to the front entrance while playing inspirational music over our sound system. It was a very beautiful and emotional event. The grant funds were used to print 100 shirts that were raffled in each grade level.

School Counselor from Sandra B. Abston, NV

We had a great time. The students were so excited to walk to school and participate. We purchased donuts for everyone and had prizes for the classes with the most students that attended the walk. The whole school was shown a brainpop and the students understood what the walk was about. It helped get conversations going and the students really had a great time. It was very positive and successful.

Teacher from Granite Elementary School in UT

Ruby Bridges: Civil Rights Icon & Activist

On November 14, 1960, six-year-old first-grader Ruby Bridges stepped into the history books when she integrated William Frantz Elementary School. She was not looking to make history. She just wanted to go to school and have the opportunity to learn, and to do so safely. But her courageous action and historic steps initiated the desegregation of New Orleans’ public schools.

Now, more than 60 years later, Ruby is looking to make sure school-age kids around our nation have that same experience. Her vision is for them to become the next generation of leaders who create positive change in their communities, one step at a time.