Staying Safe During COVID-19

AAA School Safety Patrol


Creating safe school environments empowered by student leaders has always been at the forefront of AAA’s commitment to our communities. That’s why we developed this free self-guided digital educational resource for Staying Safe During COVID-19: A Guide to Physical Safety & Emotional Wellbeing.

What Students Will Learn

Students will be guided through ways that they can stay safe and be a leader during a pandemic. They will learn about physical safety and how to practice healthy habits, while also understanding the importance of emotional wellbeing during this challenging time. 

Whether students participate at home or in the classroom, each topic includes activities, self-guided questions, and interactive resources for engagement with peers and family members.

AAA School Safety Lesson Plan

For more free educational resources, download the AAA School Safety Lesson Plan. Complete with a full teacher’s guide, printable materials, and interactive activities, this resource brings the life-saving skills and leadership values of the School Safety Patrol program to a classroom setting.