AAA School Safety Patrol

Creating safe schools empowered by student leaders.

Patrol Program Overview

Since 1920, AAA School Safety Patrol has offered a unique pedestrian safety program for millions of students across the country. As a peer-to-peer leadership program, Patrollers teach other students about traffic safety, while keeping their classmates safe along walking routes, bus loading zones, and carpool areas. In addition to these life-saving measures, the program fosters lifelong values in leadership, responsibility, and volunteerism among the students, schools, and communities who participate.

How to Get Started

Whether you are re-registering your school or registering for the first time, it’s free and takes only a few minutes. Once your school has completed the necessary forms, AAA will provide all of the equipment and materials necessary to operate the program at no cost to your school.

Explore Your School Safety

It's been found that when a community operate AAA School Safety Patrol, their traffic safety grade improves one to two notches on average. User our tools below to see where your school stands and learn more about our available resources.

School Safety Implementation

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"My son used to be very shy before joining AAA School Safety Patrol. Now that he's in middle school, he utilizes the leadership skills he developed while in the program and is outspoken with friends and in group settings."

Headshot of Stephanie Tyrvanen
Stephanie Tyrvanen
Parent and Patrol Advisor

"They get to be part of something bigger than themselves. It teaches them leadership, discipline and confidence."

Headshot of Ron Carlino
Ron Carlino
Police Captain

"Before I was too shy to talk to adults and AAA School Safety Patrol has helped me to overcome my fear."

Headshot of Joline Ho
Joline Ho

The School Safety Patrol Awards

Each year, schools are invited to nominate both Patrollers and Advisors who best exemplify leadership qualities and perform their duties with excellence. AAA is proud to recognize these participants for their achievements and commitment to the School Safety Patrol program.

Safety patrollers holding awards

Lesson Plan

The lessons and values from AAA School Safety Patrol – now available for the classroom.