AAA School Safety Patrol

Whether you’re new to AAA School Safety Patrol or a returning school, we ask that you please complete the registration process each year that you plan on participating.

Register Your School

Front of a school building

Registration for AAA School Safety Patrol is free and takes only a few minutes. We ask that you please complete this form every year that your school participates, so we can make sure to provide all of the resources and materials that you will need.

After completing the form, you will receive confirmation of your registration to the email address provided. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please make sure all of your school’s information is updated each year.

Organize Your Platoon

Group of safety patrollers

Once you have registered your school, you can start planning for your Patrol Platoon. Each school typically has at least one Platoon consisting of five officer roles and multiple Patrollers or squads. There can be multiple squads in a platoon, depending on the needs of your school.

When you order equipment for your school, AAA will provide all of the equipment necessary to outfit your Platoon, based on the number of Patrollers.

For more information on how to organize your Platoon, you can download our Platoon Profile resource. To learn about the various roles within a Platoon, refer to the Patrol Operations Manual.

Order Your Equipment

Contents of kit

AAA provides all materials needed for your School Safety Patrol program free of charge (estimated retail value of $500 per New School Kit). Equipment will be shipped to your school’s mailing address after you have completed the registration form.

Please allow time for shipping and refer to the AAA School Safety Patrol Platoon Profile for guidance on equipment use.

Special Order?
Before ordering equipment, please make sure you have completed the school registration form.

Train the Patrollers

Line of safety patrollers

Now that you have taken the steps to register your school, it’s time to make sure your Patrollers are prepared for a safe and successful school year. Whether this is your first time participating in the program or your school has participated before, you can find all of the resources and training materials provided here by AAA.

We recommend that you schedule a training meeting with your Patrollers at the beginning of the school year. Before meeting, make sure you are familiarized with the materials. Some Patrol Advisors find it helpful to have the Patrollers review certain sections of the Handbook for Patrollers in advance.

If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact your AAA School Safety Patrol Specialist.

Celebrate the Patrollers

Group of trophies

An important part of the legacy of AAA School Safety Patrol is recognizing all of the student participants for their dedication and responsibility throughout the year. This special recognition reinforces the value of their service and contributions to the safety of their classmates and community.

In addition to honoring a Patroller of the Month from each school throughout the year, AAA hosts an annual recognition with three distinct categories of participants: Patroller of the Year; Patrol Advisor of the Year; and a Lifesaving Medal. We encourage each school to submit their nominations for these awards through our annual application process.

Nominations for annual awards are due each Spring, when AAA will recognize the winners throughout our region.

Engage the Community

Group of safety patrollers with motorcycle police officers

AAA School Safety Patrol recognizes the importance of the relationship between schools and their communities. Whether this is through local law enforcement or participating organizations, we encourage you to work collaboratively with your community to continually find ways to improve the program. Doing so passes on an important lesson and value of civic engagement to student Patrollers.

For ideas on how to initiate contact or further the level of engagement between your school and the community, our AAA School Safety Patrol Specialists would love to help.