Congratulations, Melody!

Celebrating our National Award Winner, Melody Lai

One Patroller is selected for a National AAA School School Safety Patrol award every year. The 2022 National Patroller of The Year winner, Melody Lai, demonstrated exemplary safety and leadership skills despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. We are proud to recognize the important work she has done for the AAA School Safety Patrol program, her school, and her community.

2022 National Award Video

Congratulations to the following 2022 National Award Winner:

  • AAA National School Safety Patroller of the Year, Melody Lai, Martin Elementary, South San Francisco, CA

Read more about Melody Lai’s story:

Melody joined School Safety Patrol and became Captain after returning to in-person schooling when schools reintegrate the program. Melody recounts, “This year, we had to start fresh and learn fast. I am proud that we have made our team even better than before!”

Through participation in the program, Melody has matured as a young leader. She shares the following lessons she’s learned along the way: “As a captain, I have learned the importance of strength, honesty, and confidence. Strength helps me fight through problems and to speak out against bullying. Honesty helps my team to believe in me and trust me. Confidence helps me to be strong and honest. This will help me to have a better life.”

After joining the School Safety Patrol, Melody created the Sugar Club at her school. She and other students spend their recess and time after school spreading messages of positivity. Melody hopes to continue growing this club in middle school.

Melody continued her mission of spreading positivity and wrote a letter to Ruby Bridges to show her support and continued her efforts by raising awareness for the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day to her neighbors.

When Melody noticed a rise in Asian hate, she took action to help vulnerable members in her community. As she says, “We should never judge people for the way they look. This is NOT kind. To make a positive change, I have tried to comfort elderly people in Chinatown and to tell them that they are safe here. I have written letters to police officers to thank them for walking elderly people across the street to keep them safe.”

AAA congratulates and thanks Melody Lai for her initiative and contributions to the program and community.