Congratulations, 2023 Award Winners!

The 2023 Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day Award recognizes schools that participated in 2022’s Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day and deepened their commitment to the cause by engaging in a Day of Dialogue. Read more about this year’s award winners and how they will be using their award funding to continue creating positive change in their communities. for.

Roundtable Discussions Seek to Address Bullying (Chandler, AZ)

Frye Elementary took an innovative approach to their Day of Dialogue by engaging their student council representatives in a roundtable discussion. The students identified bullying as a key issue at the school and pledged to take action to stop it by standing up to bullies and informing adults. The students also addressed the pressing global issues of school violence and pollution and discussed the need for systemic change, including stricter laws and accountability for those in power. The student representatives demonstrated impressive insight and empathy throughout their discussion, reflecting their commitment to creating a better world. 

Highschoolers Mobilize to Engage Young Readers (Madera, CA)

Madera South High School’s Black Student Union (BSU) organized a Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day in partnership with Alpha Elementary. With copies of “I Am Ruby Bridges” in tow, they read to the elementary students and donated all copies to their classrooms. The BSU plans to make this an annual event and expand it to other schools in the district. They also plan to involve local organizations and parents, offering incentives like coffee and doughnuts. Their Day of Dialogue has inspired the BSU to plan more events, including a Juneteenth conference, a district-wide BSU welcome back event, and a collaborative mural project promoting social justice. The BSU hopes to continue fostering positive change in their community and beyond.

Hosting Conversations on How to Be Anti-Racist (Hayward, CA)

Burbank Elementary celebrated Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day by having students learn about Ruby Bridges’ history and make posters to prepare for the walk. Students, families, and community members walked from Hayward City Hall to Burbank Elementary, chanting and reflecting on Ruby Bridges’ efforts. Following the walk, 15 students from 3rd to 6th grade gathered together to have a discussion about what it means to make a difference and how to practice being anti-racist. They decided to organize an event to invite their families to talk more about how to practice being anti-racist and gain the support of their families and their community before their next Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day.


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