AAA, School Safety Patrollers Partner with Waymo's Self-Driving Campaign

For nearly 100 years, AAA School Safety Patrol has improved pedestrian safety around schools, while teaching millions of students lifelong educational and leadership values. As part of our commitment to safety, we’re now proud to partner with Waymo’s Let’s Talk Self-Driving campaign, and we’re making sure students are at the forefront of our efforts.

Earlier this year, a group of AAA School Safety Patrollers from Martin Elementary School were invited by Waymo to visit its closed-course testing facility to see fully self-driving cars in action. Along with their teacher and AAA School Safety Patrol Advisor of the Year, Deborah Carlino, the Patrollers observed various demonstrations, such as the Waymo vehicle stopping for a pedestrian. The students also got to ride in a Waymo fully self-driving vehicle.

“It’s cool that they can sense things and stop on their own without you having to press the brake, especially if someone is running to cross the street or there is a bike, it would just stop automatically,” said Nathan, one of the students and participants in the AAA School Safety Patrol program.

Prior to visiting the facility, Deborah said her students had researched and discussed fully self-driving cars. “To see the pros and the cons and then for them to be a part of an experience where they get to actually see it and experience it… it is so powerful for them,” she said.

Now, through our free, downloadable AAA School Safety Lesson Plan, you can bring the conversation to your classroom, too. In collaboration with Waymo, we have developed a brand new module all about self-driving cars. Through the lesson, students will be able to think about ways to make driving safer and how autonomous vehicles can reduce unsafe behavior such as texting and eating while driving. This update to the Lesson Plan is available today, so we encourage you to sign up and share it with others.

To learn more about how AAA is partnering with Waymo in this education initiative, please visit the campaign website at Just like the AAA School Safety Patrol program, we’re excited to be working together towards a future where technology is helping create safer communities.

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