AAA School Safety

Serving our communities with free resources to make our schools safer.

Our Commitment to Schools

Safe communities start with safe schools. With our before- and after-school programs, as well as classroom resources, AAA is committed to partnering with teachers in empowering students to take an active role in safety and leadership at their schools.

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Patrol Program

AAA School Safety Patrol gives students the opportunity to be safety leaders at their schools.

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Teacher with students

Lesson Plan

The safety lessons and leadership values of our signature program can now be taught in the classroom.

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Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

AAA is proud to be in partnership with the Ruby Bridges Foundation in support of the annual Walk to School Day.

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The Benefits

The Students

Students learn life-saving lessons on how to stay safe while going to and from school, as well as while they’re at school. Just as importantly, the program develops future leaders who come away with responsibility, confidence, teamwork, commitment, pride, and citizenship.

The School

Schools become safer environments with increased pedestrian and road safety awareness and decreased traffic congestion. Many schools use the program as a student leadership opportunity, which creates positive role models for other students.

The Community

Communities notice safer school zones and reduced accidents before and after school. This positive collaboration between schools, law enforcement, and community organization creates a spirit of volunteerism and future leaders who are invested in their communities.

The School Safety Patrol Awards

Each year, schools are invited to nominate both Patrollers and Advisors who best exemplify leadership qualities and perform their duties with excellence. AAA is proud to recognize these participants for their achievements and commitment to the School Safety Patrol program.

Explore Your School Safety

It's been found that when a community operate AAA School Safety Patrol, their traffic safety grade improves one to two notches on average. User our tools below to see where your school stands and learn more about our available resources.

School Safety Implementation

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Safety Program Status

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"SSP Is about empowering children to understand they can make a big difference. That they have the ability to impact their world."

Deborah Carlino
National Patrol Advisor of the Year Winner

"Being a captain has inspired me to be the best I can be."

Headshot of Katherihne Morales
Katherihne Morales

"They get to be part of something bigger than themselves. It teaches them leadership, discipline and confidence."

Headshot of Ron Carlino
Ron Carlino
Police Captain