AAA School
Safety Patrol
AAA School Safety Patrol gives students the tools and experiences they need to be today’s leaders on campus and tomorrow’s leaders in society.
What is a
School Safety Patroller?
As school-age leaders in traffic safety, Patrollers teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis— Patrols direct children, not traffic. Students who participate in the AAA School Safety Patrol™ program join the 635,000 kids across North America who are proud to be a part of this unique school program– leading the way to keep young pedestrians safer in their communities.

AAA School Safety Patrol Overview

Since its inception in 1920, millions of grade-schoolers have served as Patrollers and we’ve seen how the program benefits students, schools and the community itself. Students gain safety awareness and leadership skills; schools increase their safety network along walking routes, bus loading zones and carpool areas; and the community gets a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists.

Overall, the program fosters a spirit of volunteerism and civic-mindedness while promoting positive collaboration.

  • A Patroller Gains
    • Road safety knowledge
    • Teamwork and leadership skills
    • Dedication and commitment
    • Problem solving
    • Pride and citizenship
    • Responsibility and confidence
  • A School Gains
    • Pedestrian and road safety awareness
    • Reduced traffic congestion
    • Peer-to-peer communication
    • A student leadership program
    • Citizenship and volunteerism
    • Positive role models for other students
  • The Community Gains
    • Safer school zones
    • A spirit of volunteerism and civic-mindedness
    • A positive collaboration between schools, police, community organizations and businesses
    • Future leaders and responsible youth who care about their community
How to
Get Involved
AAA offers its School Safety Patrol program to schools free of charge. We recommend downloading the School Safety Patrol Operations Manual to learn more about the program and how to bring it to life at your school. But to get you going, we've outlined three distinct phases to explore when considering bringing the AAA School Safety Patrol program to your school.
  • Preparation

    Before you get started here are few things you'll need to do:

    1. Obtain any school district or other community approvals as needed. Designate a school administrator or teacher to support the program
    2. Select a Patrol Advisor to implement and directly supervise the program
    3. Conduct assessment of school zone for student Patrol post locations
  • Logistics

    Now that you've got the greenlight it's time to get down to the details:

    1. Determine the number of Patrollers required for your Patrol team
    2. Select Student Safety Patrollers and obtain parent/guardian permission
    3. Register your Patrol program with AAA
    4. Order Patrol equipment and resources
    Download Resources
  • Management

    With the program now running, guide it thoughtfully:

    1. Conduct Patroller training for new and returning members
    2. Outreach to community stakeholders to support the program, e.g. police, service organizations, safety groups
    3. Schedule regular meetings
    4. Share Patrol news and safety tips with the school community
    5. Celebrate Patrollers and their success
    Learn More
Learn More
We're happy to help guide you through the requirements for your School Safety Patrol program. Email us at and we'll get back to you in 3-5 business days.
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Our AAA School Safety Patrol Program Specialist is here to serve you and your school’s needs—you can reach us at Additionally, we have a rich library of resources for download that will provide you and your school with everything you need to get started—Safety Patrol equipment, training materials and student resources. Check it out!

2017 - 2018 Award Winners

AAA is proud to recognize the following students and advisors for their achievements and commitment to the School Safety Patrol program during the 2017-18 school year.

  1. Patroller of the Year

    • Hailey Vicar
      Main Street Elementary
      Soquel, CA
    • Chiara Kovac
      Chabot Elementary
      Oakland, CA
    • Alexis Humphrey
      St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School
      Carson City, NV
    • Jacquelynne Nguyen
      Rocketship Brilliant Minds Academy
      San Jose, CA
    • Jasmine Garibay
      Martin Elementary
      South San Francisco, CA
    • Christa Rotar
      Ione Elementary
      Ione, CA
  2. Honorable Mention, Patroller of the Year

    • Tiki Gonzalez
      Main Street Elementary
      Soquel, CA
    • Jonae Turner
      RISE Academy
      Oakland, CA
    • Marck Ferreira
      New Bridge School
      Ogden, UT
    • Mario Valdez
      Los Alamitos Elementary
      San Jose, CA
    • Saliha Malik
      Granada Islamic School
      Santa Clara, CA
  3. Patrol Advisor of the Year

    • Jane DeBatty
      Longview Elementary
      Phoenix, AZ
    • Krista King
      Clancy School
      Clancy, MT
    • Veronica Martinez
      Esperanza Elementary
      Oakland, CA

    Honorable Mention, Patrol Advisor of the Year

    • Cindy Davis
      Hillside Elementary
      West Valley City, UT