Creating Safe Spaces: Activity

An interactive guide for students on how to have courageous conversations.


This lesson is all about students being leaders in creating safe spaces through active listening and learning. As students return to the classroom, meet new friends, and have important conversations, the content of this lesson will help them navigate difficult situations and create safe spaces for others.

What Students Will Learn

Through this self-led activity, students will learn:

  • What makes a safe space, and how they can be leaders in creating safe spaces
  • Active listening tips for listening with openness, curiosity, and without interrupting
  • “I Statements” as a habit for healthy communication

Interactive activities are included throughout the lesson, with applications for how students can put these topics into practice at school and at home.

AAA School Safety Lesson Plan

For more free educational resources, download the AAA School Safety Lesson Plan. Complete with a full teacher’s guide, printable materials, and interactive activities, this resource brings the life-saving skills and leadership values of the School Safety Patrol program to a classroom setting.