Prepare for the 2022-2023 AAA School Safety Awards

Tips to Prepare

  • Decide who you will nominate
  • Read 2022-23 AAA School Safety Patrol Awards Prep below
  • Alert your nominees to start their essays for the application

Check Out the Available Awards 

AAA wants to recognize AAA School Safety Patrollers and Advisors who best exemplify leadership qualities and perform their duties with excellence. We are also proud to announce a new grant award for select schools that went above and beyond during the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day.

Winners receive grants up to $2,000 for their school. The 2022-23 awards include:

  • Patroller of the Year
  • Patrol Advisor of the Year
  • Lifesaving Medal
  • NEW: Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day Award

Applications and more information are coming soon!

2022-23 AAA School Safety Patrol Awards Prep

Patroller of The Year Award: 

Examples of Nominee Qualifications

Leadership Qualities (15 points): Examples may include communication skills, record-keeping, attendance, care of patrol equipment or leadership positions in AAA School Safety Patrol, school or the community. (500 character limit)

Safety Skills (15 points): Examples may include knowledge of patrol responsibilities, control of post, awareness of traffic dangers, understanding of emergency procedures, and efficiency in seeking adult guidance. (500 character limit)

School Involvement (10 points): Examples may include academic grades, school attendance and participation in activities such as newsletter, yearbook, clubs or sports. (500 character limit)

Citizenship/Volunteerism (10 points): Examples may include participation in outreach programs such as food or book drives, services as a student tutor, school events or community events. (500 character limit)

Student Essay: “How participating in my AAA School Safety Patrol helped me become a better leader.” The essay can be submitted in writing (2,500 character limit) or as a short video (2 minute limit). The nominee should state their Patroller responsibilities, dates of services, identify leadership qualities they value, and explain how participation in the patrol program allowed them to develop these leadership qualities.

Patrol Advisor of the Year Award: 

Examples of Nominee Qualifications

Strong belief in the value of the program (15 points): Examples may include support of the program’s lifesaving and educational benefits, lobbying to advance the program, adding value to the program in the school and community or communicating the program’s core values to faculty and students. (500 character limit)

Knowledge of traffic safety principles (15 points): Examples may include general understanding of all facets of the program or awareness of traffic dangers, emergency procedures, traffic interaction, safe pedestrian practices, school bus loading/unloading zones or school zones.

Leadership Skills (10 points): Examples may include morale-building, traffic safety education, organization, program coordination, conducting meetings and trainings, success with distance learning/hybrid models, supervision of patrol duties or obtaining program buy-in from the school and local community. (500 character limit)

Dedication to the program (10 points): Examples may include volunteerism, dependability, efforts above and beyond the expected Advisor role or additional benefits to the students’ safety, leadership and education. (500 character limit)

Patrol Advisor Essay: How has participating in AAA School Safety Patrol helped to educate and motivate students? Please include your dates of participation in the program, the benefits that the program has on the students and how your contributions have enhanced Patrollers’ education and motivation.

Lifesaving Medal:

Persons involved

  • Patroller information
  • Person rescued information

Date and Location

  • Date of Action
  • Time of action
  • Intersection (name of cross streets)
  • # of Feet from Nearest Street
  • Direction (North, South, East, West)
  • Posted Speed Limit (mph)
  • Volume of Traffic (Heavy, Moderate, Light)

Vehicles Involved

  • Driver’s full name (first, middle, last)

    1. Address (City, State, Zip)
    2. Type of Vehicle
    3. Condition of vehicle
    4. Damage to other vehicles or property
  • Action of driver
    1. Violations (exceeding speed limit, etc.):
    2. Did the driver issue a summons?
    3. Valid license?


  • Weather (Clear, Cloudy, Raining, Snowing, Fog)
  • Road conditions (Dry, Wet, Snow, Ice, Slick (mud/oil))
  • Road surface (Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, Gravel, Unpaved)
  • Locality (Industrial, Shopping/Business, School Playground, Residential)

Description of Occurrence

  • Rescued person was (On the way to school, Going home, etc)
  • Rescued person used route (Always, Frequently, Rarely)
  • Rescued person’s clothing (Light, Dark, Other)
  • Traffic lanes (Unmarked, Marked, Separated)
  • Traffic controls (None, Signs, Traffic Signs, Pedestrian Control Devices, Police Officer, Adult Crossing Guard)

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day Award:

More Information Coming January!

For any questions about the AAA School Safety Patrol Awards or application process, please contact