Stories of Changemakers: Videos from Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

Started by a class of AAA School Safety Patrollers, Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day has turned into a nationwide movement. In 2022, over 343,000 students across 1,400 schools took part in honor of Ruby's brave walk to school. We had the chance to visit a few of the schools who have participated to hear how this day of dialogue is creating positive change in their communities.

Martin Elementary School

As the founding school of Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, Martin Elementary School has been participating in a Day of Dialogue since 2018. Last year, students, elected officials and other community members gathered at City Hall before walking back to school to host student-led presentations on their ideas to improve their school and community. Watch their video to learn more about what Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day means to them.

Burbank Elementary School

As a part of their Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day celebration, Burbank Elementary School gathered class representatives from each classroom and hosted meaningful discussions about what it means to make a difference. On the day of their walk, the school elected student leaders to present speeches before walking back to school alongside family, friends and community members. Watch to learn more.

Ruby Bridges Elementary School

As Ruby’s first namesake school, Ruby Bridges Elementary felt the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day was an important day to honor Ruby and inspire students to create positive change. Last year, the school hosted musical performers at an outdoor assembly and walked past Ruby’s statue back into school. Individual classrooms shared their learning through writing and art that was showcased at the District office.

Pleasant Grove High School

The Black Student Union at Pleasant Grove High School took charge and advocated for the adoption of the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day at their school. These students presented a resolution at their school board meeting and it was passed, officially recognizing the day every November 14. Last year, they were featured on the local news as their school participated in a “walk in” (vs a walk-out). Watch their video to learn more.