Congratulations, 2024 Award Winners!

AAA School Safety Award Winners

Thank you for submitting applications for our annual awards program. Congratulations to all the exceptional Patrollers and Patrol Advisors who were nominated for our AAA School Safety Patrol Awards program this year. Your efforts in ensuring the safety of your school and community are greatly appreciated. Our awards honor the dedication and leadership of these students.

Patroller of the Year Award Winners
  • Kyra Mulvihill, St. Teresa of Avila School, NV
  • Millie Diregolo, Ione Elementary School, CA
  • Luisa Pingatore, Chabot Elementary School, CA
  • Tasneem Ismaili, Granada Islamic School, CA
  • Mike Zuniga, Martin Elementary School, CA
  • Mikaela Zamora, St. Vincent Ferrer School, CA
  • Asiiyah Brewner, Hoover Elementary School, CA
  • Jeffrey Magee, Binkley Elementary School, CA
  • Sanaa Norojav, Cleveland Elementary School, CA
  • Aaliyah Sulur, Haman Elementary School, CA

“Safety Patrol has taught me the importance of educating myself and working as a team to create a better and safer community within my upcoming generation. I will forever cherish serving my school and community.”
Tasneem Ismaili, Granada Islamic School

Honorable Mentions
  • Sean Woods, AAA School Safety Patroller, St. Teresa of Avila, NV
  • Janelle Ponciano, AAA School Safety Patroller, Haman Elementary School, CA
  • Darbie Esquerra, AAA School Safety Patroller, Ione Elementary School, CA
  • Anika Carp, AAA School Safety Patroller, Chabot Elementary School, CA
  • Kinza Ahmar, AAA School Safety Patroller, Granada Islamic School, CA

“I believe Safety Patrol is one of the most important things in a school day. It has taught me important skills. It also taught me the importance of helping out my school and my community. Without Safety Patrol, I don’t think I would be the person I am today.”
Sean Woods, St. Teresa of Avila

Lifesaving Medal Winner

The AAA School Safety Patrol Lifesaving Medal is the highest award given to a Patroller. Recipients are select Patrollers who, while on duty, have saved the life of a person in imminent danger.

  • Hector Lara, South Kearns Elementary School, UT

“Hector noticed a truck began to accelerate and turn toward the crosswalk, he then grabbed a student by her backpack and pulled her back to safety on the sidewalk.”
Erica Timothy, South Kearns Elementary School

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day Award Winners

The competition was fierce this year with remarkable submissions from all Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day Award applicants. Thank you to all schools who shared their incredible stories with us. It’s our pleasure to showcase the outstanding achievements of these five schools below. Congratulations!

August Boeger Middle School, CA

Led by Black and Brown Student Union (BSSU) member, Romero Williams, the BSSU at August Boeger Middle School organized a dynamic Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, featuring a catchy rap remix and purple-clad participants. Engaging in meaningful dialogue, students discussed combating negativity and racism with proactive action as well as ideas for community improvement. Their impactful initiatives foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, earning well-deserved recognition. Congratulations to all involved.

Catherine L. Zane Middle School, CA

Catherine L. Zane Middle School marked Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day with educational sessions and a community walk. Through advisory classes, historical materials were shared, fostering discussions on diversity. Several classes made posters with positive messages, highlighting the school’s commitment to inclusivity. Approximately 150 participants, including students, teachers and community members, celebrated the day with an assembly to promote understanding of African American culture.

Madera South High School, CA

During their Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, students collaborated with their sister elementary school, escorting 3rd grade students from the school to the stadium. Small groups participated in readings of “I am Ruby Bridges” followed by discussions led by high schoolers. The BSU generously donated books to elementary classrooms. At the stadium, students enjoyed treats and engaged in discussions led by BSU officers on the day’s significance. Reflecting on Ruby Bridges’ legacy, high school students guided the younger students in brainstorming ways to be changemakers in their school community, promoting positivity and acceptance.

Brighton Charter School, AZ

During their Ruby Bridges Walk and Day of Dialogue, Brighton students united to combat bullying and celebrate diversity. Inspired by Ruby Bridges’ courage, the event symbolized unity and inclusivity, with students reflecting on her legacy and pledging to stand against bullying. Led by the AAA School Safety Patrol officer, the Day of Dialogue addressed the pervasive issue of bullying, fostering discussions and empowering students to create a culture of respect and empathy within the school community.

College Park Elementary School, CA

College Park Elementary hosted a meaningful Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, guided by co-fifth grade class presidents. The day commenced with a presentation highlighting Ruby’s historical significance, followed by an all-school assembly featuring Principal Mrs. Estonia’s opening remarks. The event, which included a community walk, left a lasting impression on students and the surrounding neighborhood. Student leaders, Brandon Chou and Penelope Diec, emphasized the importance of inclusivity and welcoming everyone to their school.

Stories of Changemakers: Videos from Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

Started by a class of AAA School Safety Patrollers, Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day has turned into a nationwide movement. In 2022, over 343,000 students across 1,400 schools took part in honor of Ruby's brave walk to school. We had the chance to visit a few of the schools who have participated to hear how this day of dialogue is creating positive change in their communities.

Martin Elementary School

As the founding school of Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, Martin Elementary School has been participating in a Day of Dialogue since 2018. Last year, students, elected officials and other community members gathered at City Hall before walking back to school to host student-led presentations on their ideas to improve their school and community. Watch their video to learn more about what Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day means to them.

Burbank Elementary School

As a part of their Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day celebration, Burbank Elementary School gathered class representatives from each classroom and hosted meaningful discussions about what it means to make a difference. On the day of their walk, the school elected student leaders to present speeches before walking back to school alongside family, friends and community members. Watch to learn more.

Ruby Bridges Elementary School

As Ruby’s first namesake school, Ruby Bridges Elementary felt the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day was an important day to honor Ruby and inspire students to create positive change. Last year, the school hosted musical performers at an outdoor assembly and walked past Ruby’s statue back into school. Individual classrooms shared their learning through writing and art that was showcased at the District office.

Pleasant Grove High School

The Black Student Union at Pleasant Grove High School took charge and advocated for the adoption of the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day at their school. These students presented a resolution at their school board meeting and it was passed, officially recognizing the day every November 14. Last year, they were featured on the local news as their school participated in a “walk in” (vs a walk-out). Watch their video to learn more.

Congratulations, 2022 Award Winners!

Thank you for submitting applications to our annual awards program and congratulations to all of the outstanding Patrollers and Patrol Advisors who were nominated for our AAA School Safety Patrol Awards program this year. Thank you for all that you do to keep your school and community safe. Our awards honor the dedication and leadership of these students and advisors.

School Safety Patrollers

  • May Elmore, Glenview Elementary
  • Claira Joynes, Ione Elementary
  • Melody Lai, Martin Elementary
  • Aubrey McAllister, St. Teresa of Avila School
  • Hana Siddiqi, Granada Islamic School
  • Sierra Workman, Main Street Elementary School

School Safety Patrol Advisors

  • Dale Cook, Archway Classical Academy Lincoln
  • John Miller, Glenview Elementary
  • Mary Meyers, Spring Lane Elementary School

Honorable Mentions

  • Kathleen “Kitty” Fawver, School Safety Patroller, Ione Elementary
  • Luke Okajima, School Safety Patroller, Laurel Elementary
  • Miranda Romo, School Safety Patrol Advisor, Chabot Elementary

2021-2022 Awards Season is Now Open

Throughout the year, AAA School Safety Patrollers and Patrol Advisors work hard to keep their schools and communities safe. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, AAA is proud to recognize these dedicated leaders through the annual School Safety Patrol Awards program.

“Participating in my AAA School Safety Patrol has helped me to become a better leader by pushing me to become more confident in myself.”
Daisy Casey, 2021 AAA National School Safety Patroller of the Year

Schools are invited to nominate participants in the following award categories:

  • Patroller of the Year
  • Patrol Advisor of the Year
  • Lifesaving Medal

In addition to customized plaques from AAA, all winners will receive grants for their schools up to $2,000 to help enhance their School Safety Patrol activities.

Award applications are now open with the deadline to apply extended to April 15. The application process can be completed entirely online for each of the awards. To be eligible, schools must be actively enrolled in the AAA School Safety Patrol program, so register or re-enroll today if you haven’t already.

Check back in April when we announce the 2021-2022 winners!

For any questions about the AAA School Safety Patrol Awards or application process, please contact

100 Years of Student Safety

A Century of Service

This year marks the centennial of the AAA School Safety Patrol program. The world’s largest school-based safety program has provided students a sense of safety and security when going to and from school. Today, these young changemakers are building safer and more inclusive communities.

AAA applauds the millions of students who’ve contributed their time to this important school safety activity for the past 100 years. Taking responsibility for safety awareness builds confidence, improves communication skills, and teaches the importance of teamwork.

For these — and future — leaders, AAA is proud to support the AAA School Safety Patrol Program!

To take part in the centennial celebration, participating schools are invited to order commemorative pins for their Patrollers. As always, these materials are provided by AAA at no charge – simply sign up today! (Supplies are limited.)

Order Your Commemorative Pins

AAA, School Safety Patrollers Partner with Waymo's Self-Driving Campaign

For nearly 100 years, AAA School Safety Patrol has improved pedestrian safety around schools, while teaching millions of students lifelong educational and leadership values. As part of our commitment to safety, we’re now proud to partner with Waymo’s Let’s Talk Self-Driving campaign, and we’re making sure students are at the forefront of our efforts.

Earlier this year, a group of AAA School Safety Patrollers from Martin Elementary School were invited by Waymo to visit its closed-course testing facility to see fully self-driving cars in action. Along with their teacher and AAA School Safety Patrol Advisor of the Year, Deborah Carlino, the Patrollers observed various demonstrations, such as the Waymo vehicle stopping for a pedestrian. The students also got to ride in a Waymo fully self-driving vehicle.

“It’s cool that they can sense things and stop on their own without you having to press the brake, especially if someone is running to cross the street or there is a bike, it would just stop automatically,” said Nathan, one of the students and participants in the AAA School Safety Patrol program.

Prior to visiting the facility, Deborah said her students had researched and discussed fully self-driving cars. “To see the pros and the cons and then for them to be a part of an experience where they get to actually see it and experience it… it is so powerful for them,” she said.

Now, through our free, downloadable AAA School Safety Lesson Plan, you can bring the conversation to your classroom, too. In collaboration with Waymo, we have developed a brand new module all about self-driving cars. Through the lesson, students will be able to think about ways to make driving safer and how autonomous vehicles can reduce unsafe behavior such as texting and eating while driving. This update to the Lesson Plan is available today, so we encourage you to sign up and share it with others.

To learn more about how AAA is partnering with Waymo in this education initiative, please visit the campaign website at Just like the AAA School Safety Patrol program, we’re excited to be working together towards a future where technology is helping create safer communities.

Self-Driving Safety Resources

Download the AAA School Safety Lesson Plan »

Watch the AAA / Waymo Self-Driving Video »

Join the Let’s Talk Self-Driving Conversation »